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Shaketa Thomas

CEO of Closet Keeps

Welcome to Closet Keeps, a consignment boutique for women.


My name is Shaketa Thomas and allow me to entertain you with my story.


I was born and raised in Florida, Miami to be specific. As a little girl I always wanted my hair pretty and I wanted to dress neat and pretty. I kept that same joy as an adult; I still enjoy wearing my best and being a neat little lady. Some of my interest include enjoying time with my kids (my 4 sons and my 1 daughter-in-law), serving my community, spending time with my friends, and shopping.


I came into the consignment industry in 2016, when a coworker noticed I was always able to find the best luxury quality items in the consignment shop. He suggested that I open my own consignment shop and help other women find luxury quality items as well. I’ve always enjoyed helping woman find affordable apparel and looking their best. I believe looking your best doesn’t always need to be expensive.


I started Closet Keeps with three goals, first help the working woman find luxury apparel without breaking the bank. Second, inspire women to look their best at work and in their leisure time. Third, keep the joy in my business while building a legacy for my family. I enjoy dressing my best and now I get to share that joy with other woman, I like to call my “Sisters”.


Thank you for your time, encouraging comments, and the joy of shopping with/for you. Happy Shopping!

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